Design Your Wardrobes Online

A wardrobe is a space you will want to cherish for years. Whether you have chosen a Quick Ship design or a Custom one, it is imperative that it suits and fulfills your needs. To help you make the right choice, here are a few design tips and ideas.

To bring to you ease in deciding the right wardrobe for your needs, these tips are designed to keep functionality, organisation and the essence of you, as top priority


  • The suave corporate man needs a double ­tiered 42" mid ­hanging wardrobe, so that his jackets, suits and shirts are at hand.
  • For the minimalist, or for the rugged man, a 38" length is apt to store jeans and trousers. Shelves can easily accommodate t-­shirts and other assorted belongings.
  • The man of today takes a keen interest in dressing, and that includes accessories such as cuff links, watches, belts, wallets and rings. To keep these safe, we recommend a 6" drawer lined with velvet.
  • A deep drawer in your wardrobe can store your nightwear, as well as other personal items.


  • For your Indian and wedding wear; full length dresses; and overcoats, we suggest a long-hanging wardrobe. The 66" space available will ensure your clothes get the breathing space and luxury they require.
  • If you love your short dresses, tunics, and winter coats, a mid­ hanging wardrobe, 42" in length, is perfect for you.
  • The modern woman has clothes for every occasion, and skirts, tops, jackets and jeans figure top on the list. A 36" short­ hanging wardrobe can easily accommodate all this, and more.
  • There is nothing more elegant and graceful than a saree, and a wardrobe designed with two tiers of mid ­length hanging will keep your treasures organised, accessible and beautifully displayed.
  • We suggest a 6" drawer to store your valuables and accessories. Line the bottom with velvet for a decadent feel, and to keep your valuables scratch­free.
  • A deep drawer within your wardrobe will provide space for your shoes, handbags and other personal items.


  • For your young child, we recommend that you choose a wardrobe that will cater to their changing needs through the years. We pride ourselves on the quality and durability of our products, hence, we suggest that you consider their requirements when they grow from little boys and girls, into teenagers.
  • A wardrobe with a top shelf is best suited to the needs of children as it will ensure that they are able to reach the hanging rod for effective accessibility.
  • A short­ hanging wardrobe is adequate for the needs of young children.
  • Extra shelves in a child's cupboard ensures easy stacking of their clothes, toys and other assorted treasure that children love to collect.

HomeCreed Suggests

  • suggestedA lock in your drawer will keep your valuables safe, while a velvet bottom lining will keep them scratch-free and protected.
  • suggestedSome clothing items should always be stacked, such as t-shirts, sweaters and pullovers, sleep wear, gym wear, and very heavy sarees.
  • suggestedThe addition of door-activated lights to your wardrobe will enhance your dressing experience, while adding to the aesthetics.
  • suggestedDeep drawers at the bottom can store your less-used items, and shelves in the middle will keep your everyday use items within easy reach.
  • suggestedFor children and for those who prefer their clothes to hang at eye-level, we recommend a top shelf.