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Internal Module
External Module
W -
D - 24 1/2"
Ht -
  1. The core material is Commercial plywood, 18 mm.for carcasses , 6mm for back.
  2. All shutters have a 19 mm block board as its core, to keep them light and sturdy.
  3. The insides will have a laminate chosen by the customer.
  4. Hidden areas will have a 0.7 mm white-balancing laminate.
  5. The drawers will be made with 12 mm commercial plywood fully laminated.
  6. All the cupboard shutters will be mounted on 110 degrees soft-closing hinges, Hettich brand.
  7. All drawers will be mounted on heavy-duty soft-close Quadro sliding systems Hettich brand.
  8. Hanging rods will be non-sagging anodised aluminium.Hettich Brand.
delivery-date 22-12-2017