Paulo Elm

Paulo Elm
Product Code - HC/90-214/12/Elm delivery-date 01-11-2017
Product Details +-
  • Internal
  • Hanging - 42 inches/ 1065mm
  • Shelf- 11.75 inches/ 300mm
  • Drawer-11 inches/ 280mm
  • * All drawer sizes are outside sizes
  • External
  • Width-36"/900mm
  • Height- 84"/2130mm
  • Inside Depth- 22 3/4"/580mm
  • Finished Depth- 24 1/2"/623mm
  • Finish
  • Inside Laminate- Highland
  • Outside Laminate- Elm
Price ₹36,999.00



This stunning double-panel wardrobe has a deep drawer at the bottom, along with two shelves, and a hanging space. A well-organised wardrobe makes your life easier, and should help you with easy transition between changing seasons. Paulo is the perfect example of such a wardrobe.

Wardrobe Specifications
  • 1. The core material is Commercial plywood, 18 mm.for carcasses , 6mm for back.
  • 2. All shutters have a 19 mm block board as its core, to keep them light and sturdy.
  • 3. The insides will have a laminate chosen by the customer. 
  • 4. Hidden areas will have a 0.7 mm white-balancing laminate.
  • 5. The drawers will be made with 12 mm commercial plywood fully laminated.
  • 6. All the cupboard shutters will be mounted on 110 degrees soft-closing hinges, Hettich brand. 
  • 7. All drawers will be mounted on heavy-duty soft-close Quadro sliding systems Hettich brand. 
  • 8. Hanging rods will be non-sagging anodised aluminium.Hettich Brand


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